I’m not entirely sure when my perspective changed.  I didn’t want to stop drinking soda, I didn’t want to diet, I didn’t want to exercise.  So today when I was walking over my lunch break I found myself exceeding my expectations.  Rather than saying, just one more block and then I’m done, I was thinking, this feels great I’m going to go go one more block, and then one more and then a whole mile more.  When I was eating lunch today, instead of thinking, “Ugh, pureed vegetable soup,” I thought, “I feel so good about putting this in my body, my temple.”  Some of the changes I’ve made are really hard changes.  Some of them have just naturally happened simply by the hard changes.

  • Quitting soda = Hard
  • Having more energy = Easy
  • Maintaining a 1000+ calorie deficiency = SO Hard
  • Enjoying Food as Fuel = Easy
  • Making myself take that first few walks = Hard
  • Reveling in the power of my body = Easy
  • Changing my relationship with food = Hard – still working on this
  • Accomplishing more than I expected = Easy

Losing weight is hard but it’s temporary.  I can’t just diet, I can’t just lose weight and exercise.  This is a change of my whole life.  I will never eat or move the same again or with the same purpose.  I’ve accepted and embraced it.  I’m happy about it. I deserve it.


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