I don’t really do resolutions.  I just set myself up to fail.  Why?  Because if they were important enough to do I would just do them and not wait for a special day of the year to start them.  That’s just me though.

If you have a resolution, here’s what I would say you could do to stick to it:

  1.  Make sure it’s measurable.  You want to lose 100 pounds this year, well that’s 8.33 pounds per month, 1.92 pounds per week.  That’s an ambitious goal so make sure you measure it to keep yourself on track.
  2. Journal, blog, track, leave yourself post it notes.  But just do something to help you to remind yourself daily of your goal.  Goals are only goals if you’re actively working on them.
  3. Get yourself some support!  There’s a support group for everything.  There are social media groups for things you didn’t even know existed.  Look for them.  Find someone/someones to help keep you accountable.
  4. Have milestones and reassess them often.  Using the example above, if you don’t loose the first 1.92 pounds the first week, no big whoop, keep trying, but if the first two months go by and you’ve only lost 3 pounds, you might have to rethink your goal.  I’m not saying settle for mediocrity, but be realistic.

I wish you the best of luck.  It’s a tough road, regardless of your goal.




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