When I make goals I write them down and figure out the what, why and how. I have a whole notebook of goals. Lots of them I attempted and failed. I make it a point to assess why I failed. This is my self critic. The one that says, “Well if you’d have gone out and actually knocked on doors, maybe you wouldn’t have lost the City Council election!”  “Perhaps if you hadn’t bought new clothes last month you’d have met your savings goals.”  Once my self critic is done talking, I let my self come out. She tries to not make excuses, rationalize failures or blame others but she does point out the barriers, explain the constraints and point out the players who maybe are not my allies.  These are my lessons learned. These are the things I take in to consideration when I set new goals. My self critic is not allowed in new goal creation. She is not a part of determining the what, why or how. Although sometimes I have to tell her to, She usually steps back and lets my self spread her wings, try new things and keep being a badass. 

What are some places where you let your self critic talk too much?


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